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A walk with Daddy

Pandora is the twin sister of Rory Destine and part of a large family of siblings who all have paranormal abilities due to there immortal father and Djinn mother. This gives the twins a very different genetic makeup, giving Pandora light based abilities.Pandora's powers first manifested when she hit puberty at the age of eleven, both her and her twin brother exhibiting powers at the same time. Both siblings soon learned that she has to be in proximity to her brother, and him to her,  for them to work. While Rory is thrilled to take on crime as a costumed superhero she is not obsessed with being a super hero like her brother. But for him to use his powers he need her to be close so she's normally dragged into whatever he wants to do.


Powers and Abilities

She has the ability to manipulate light. She can broaden light into blasting a boulder. Or focus light into making a laser. With Rory's help they can make themselves invisible.

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