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Brief History

Immundra was a member of the Imperial Guard. He served as a steersman (pilot) onboard the Shi'ar Flagship. When Cassandra Nova started to assume control over the crew, Immundra was able to resist her commands at first. He struggled with the huge control wheel, trying to keep in control of the ship despite of all the damage Cassandra had caused it. He bought enough time for Lilandra and other guards to vacate the ship but was then confronted with Cassandra in the body of Professor X. Immundra thought Charles was possessed and plead for him to resist the madness of the commands. Cassandra's was however the only mind residing in that body and focused her telepathic attacks on Immundra. She forced him to destroy his own beloved ship and himself with it.

In order to move a control wheel that was actually larger than his body, Immundra probably had enhanced strength and durability. He seemed to have limited resistance to telepathy but was overwhelmed when Cassandra Nova focused her attack on his own mind.

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