So... What are their powers?

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I get that Fat Cobra is a generally awesome dude with super strength, speed, a lightning whip and a...

Yeah... What he said...

I also get that John Aman, the Prince of Orphans, is almost equally awesome and can turn into this green misty crap.
Ooh, nice comeback John.

See? Green misty crap.

And obviously, Bride of Nine Spiders has the ability to be both hot and creepy at the same time... Oh, and she controls spiders.

And apparently she has no boobs. Bummer.

And now we come to the other two... Dog Brother #1 (Never understood why he has '#1' after his name...) and Tiger's Beautiful Daughter. (A.K.A. Painted whore.) I mean, by the looks of things, they're totally normal. So do these two have powers that I've overlooked, or are they chosen as 'Immortal Weapons' simply because they are amazing fighters? I mean, my assumption is that they don't have any powers, they're just incredible warriors, but I'm not sure.
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ooooh, these people look interesting...maybe I should read Iron Fist...but unfortunately I have no answers for you

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Lol, don't worry, I doubt anyone has actual answers, I just want opinions. Plus these guys didn't have a forum topic yet. :P

And yes, they are interesting, the first two especially, imo. If you see the "Iron Fist: Seven Capital Cities of Heaven" Trade thingy anywhere, buy that. It's the arc these guys are introduced in and the one they feature in the most (Plus it's written by Brubaker and Fraction and drawn by the awesome David Aja). And if you want more John Aman goodness, he's in the "Book of the Iron Fist" Trade thingy, and the other Weapons even make an appearance in one story. Maybe not worth buying just for their appearances, but if Seven Capital Cities of Heaven gets you interested in the Fist, there's some pretty cool stories in there about Wu Ao-Shi, Bei Bang-Wen, Orson Randall and a reprint of Danny Rand's origin story. Or you could buy "The Last Iron Fist Story" if you want the first arc of Immortal Iron Fist, or "The Mortal Iron Fist" if you want more Immortal Weapons. They're also in the current arc.

I should totally work for Marvel... I'd show em how to sell this stuff :D (Don't worry, I don't usually try to advertise stuff in my posts, lol, IO just love Immortal Iron Fist!)

And just another question, what powers would Crane Champion usually possess? I know she's dead and Davos took her place as Immortal Weapon, but I'm curious.
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I imagine Dog Brother #1 and Tiger's Beautiful Daughter have powers that just haven't been shown yet. You might say that Dog Brother #1 has animal control or at least empathy with dogs. For a long time Iron Fist was only described as a martial artist who could focus his Chi once a day for the Iron Fist look at all he can do.

I imagine we're going to see more with the Immortal Weapons series. I hope whatever powers they have they are as interesting and as varied as the Immortal Weapons are.

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Yeah but at least Danny had one power to begin with... And yeah, maybe Dog Brother #1 has the dog thing, but Tiger's Beautiful Daughter? All she's been shown to do is wield fans and spears... Basically she's just there to look at, hence her 'costume', if you can call it that.

I'd just like for Brubaker or Fraction to confirm whether these guys were supposed to have powers or not. And I'd LOVE to have more insight into the other Immortal Weapons. Do they have a Chi source like Danny? How does John Aman turn into that green mist? How did Bride of Nine Spiders and Fat Cobra gain their powers?

I can't wait to learn more about these guys, and I'm sure that with all these flashbacks to previous Iron Fists and such, we'll eventually get some stories focusing on them.
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@the Vica: I'm pretty sure they use chi and meld it with their bodies, those allowing them to change shape and do many other incredible abilities. That been said, they must have an enormous amount of chi/spiritual energy.  
I can only guess that if Danny trying enough he still would be at half-of their level but they seem to original posses abilities, it hard when comes to chi. Because can chi, mutate your body? Can it affect your offspring? And what it limit if any
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Dog Brother has unstoppable blades and wild pack of hounds 
Steel Phoenix I think just has the same powers as Iron Fist. 
Tiger's Daughter wasn't really shown off in the series but she had a steel fan.

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@the Vica: 
all their powers are based on "chi", they all have superhuman striking force
" The Iron Fist has six counterparts -- mystically powered warriors, each appointed to defend one of seven otherworldly cities."
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I was wondering the same thing because fat cobra was ndoing things that regular humans shouldnt be able to do before he was an immortal weapons like out eating volstagg and needed like 8 different women to nurse him when he was months old. maybe fat cobra was also born a mutant? who knows

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not to bring a dead topic back to life.. but:
I do believe that Danny is the only true "Human" of the group.  The rest are natives of their respective dimensions, no?

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@Nitric said:

not to bring a dead topic back to life.. but: @Hyperlight: I do believe that Danny is the only true "Human" of the group. The rest are natives of their respective dimensions, no?

They have shown that the other Immortal Weapons are recruited by their respective capital cities of Heaven, and in at least one case, they have been recruited like Danny from Earth. Fat Cobra used to just be a fat kid from some Chinese village. Now he is Fat Cobra.

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