What's the best Image has to offer?

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So far, as still a relative newbie to comics, Image has delivered my two favourite series: Robert Kirkman's Invincible and Jimmie Robinson's Five Weapons. I've also enjoyed reading the other superheroes within the Invincible universe, such as The Astounding Wolf-Man and Tech Jacket. Besides Savage Dragon, which I intend to move onto later as there are simply so many issues, what else should I be reading? What's some of the best Image has to offer? If there are any series similar to the ones I have listed, then please do tell also.

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All I read from them is Invincible and Walking dead. I collect all tpb invincibles and I read all the walking dead up to current tv show arc

Invincible Still Standing is still one of my favorite collections

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Manifest Destiny is really good, it's an alternate telling of the Lewis and Clark expedition, full of monsters and strange creatures. I've been really enjoying it

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You may enjoy Sidekick, a story of how a super hero sidekick has to deal with the death of his partner. I have really been enjoying Birthright, a bit more sci-fi than you have otherwise listed but a great story none the less. C.O.W.L. is currently one of my favorite series, it is about the first superhero union set in 1960's Chicago. Image has a bunch of books that are like cop shows, though usually with a bit of a twist, such as The Fuse and Copperhead. I have both on my pull list. I have several more books from Image on my pull list, but these are the ones that I think you would be most interested in based upon the books you are already reading from them.

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I almost forgot about Saga. Don't know how, but almost did it. Saga is a series that seems to enthrall just about every reader, regardless of the genre they usually read.

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