Jim McCann's Mind The Gap Looks Great...

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After G-Man's recent post about creator owned comics I've decided to do even more to promote independent/creator owned works that I'm interested in. So for the foreseeable future that's what my blog will be dedicated to. Last time I focuses on Sam Humphries upcoming Higher Earth, this time I want to shine some light on Jim McCann's (writer of Return of The Dapper Men) Mind the Gap with Rodin Esquejo (cover artists of Morning Glories) and Sonia Oback (colorist on books like S.H.I.E.L.D. & X-Force). McCann recently did a very nice interview about the book with CBR and reading it has me even more excited for this book than I was before. I mean Esquejo/Oback on art alone makes this book worth a look, but it sounds like McCann's really got a very interesting story in the works.

here's a preview of issue one's interiors. I've been dying to see Esquejo do interiors ever since I saw his first cover for Morning Glories.

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It does look interesting, just that one piece of art pretty much says its likely more character driven.  

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@RazzaTazz said:

It does look interesting, just that one piece of art pretty much says its likely more character driven.

To sum it up, the story's about a young woman who's attacked and goes into a coma. She finds herself existing in a plane outside her body and not being able to reenter it. It's a mystery story at it's core as she's trying to discover who attacked her and why. McCann's said that it's somebody close to her and osmebody we'll see in issue one.

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I am very interested in this book

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@spiderbat87: Glad to hear it. Spread the word! McCann just released a free 9 page prologue today!

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I just.... don't think this is as mind blowingly original as people are hyping. She's having an out of body experience to find who put her in a coma. It's just a hair away from being a ghost trying to solve their own murder, which has been done to death.

That said, Esquejo on art alone makes it worth a look, and the emphasis on character and some of the other things he said do paint a good picture of how this series could be. But I don't think it's some super original unique idea. Not a bad one, just not ground breaking in concept. Execution is an entirely different matter. I'm willing to give this a chance to impress me.

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@The Mighty Monarch:

Yeah there are only 7 types of stories when you boil it down. What makes the difference is truly execution.

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