favorite Image comics character

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Who (if any) is your favorite Image character. I'll start. I love Savage Dragon. My older brother got me into Erik Larson so I followed from Spider-Man to the Savage Dragon. The book shows that when Larson is on point he's a modern Byrne (Savage Dragon, Spider-Man). That's only when he's on point. When he's not he's a suckier Liefield (see the Nova series). 

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It's a tie between Dawn by Joseph Linsner (when he publishes under Image) and Frost from Noble Causes! 

 Dawn the Goddess

 Frost Noble
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for the top cow part obviously the darkness (my name says it all) but for reg image spawn is the best and savage dragon and shadowhawk (paul johnstone) are a close second
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Savage Dragon 
it's to hard to choose, I love image, almost as much as i do DC
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Spawn , Angela , Redeemer .

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If yer including Top Cow, then The Darkness. 

The Darkness 75 - Broussard, Weems & Firchow
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I''m gonna go with

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my favorite is superpatriot

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Tony Chu
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Originally was Dragon for me, then I read the Velocity mini and fell in "love" with that character.
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I love Wolf-Man's hairy ass, and of course most of Top Cow stuff.

 Top Cow

 Aliens, cyborg zombies and werewolves.
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Without a doubt if we stick to just image, then hands down Invincible.
But I much prefer the top cow universe characters to the regular image characters.
In top cow my favorite by far is Witchblade.

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 Atom Eve.
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The First Image title I Got Hooked Up With.... WITCHBLADE
and the rest of the Top Cow Characters followed.
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Spawn and Haunt
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 The Darkness
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Easily Invincible 

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@~The Wanderer~ said:
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My favorite Image character is Al Simmons aka Spawn.

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It was Invincible until he began struggling with what was right and wrong.... Now its Tony Chu.

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Those who like Invincible must like Dynamo 5 too.

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I haven't read nearly enough of the Image stuff I'm interested in to make an official decision I'm satisfied with, however, for now it would have to be Battle Pope

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@Kairan1979: Was thinking of checking it. Is it good?
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Invincible and The Walking Dead crew.

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I've read everything I could find on them, including cameos is other comic books.
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Chew #1
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@doordoor123 said:
It was Invincible until he began struggling with what was right and wrong.... Now its Tony Chu.

What...that was such a good...REAL...part of his character. 
One of the many reason why he IS my favorite character.

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