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Discuss this awesome series right here!

I read the first 5 issues in trade and assumed I could wait for the next one to be released. I don't think that's the case as this great book has been calling my name from beyond the comic ether. I might have to go get issues 6-8 before the voices cause me to do strange things.

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discuss PEOPLE!!!!!

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I love this book.

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When I see the level of characterization in this book & lack of it in Avengers, I get somewhat disappointed.

Other than that, one of the best ongoing from Image along with Lazarus, Southern Bastards & Velvet.

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I think this is probably the best comic book out there right now. The storytelling, characters, twists and turns...all so brilliantly done by Hickman.

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Who else is getting the deluxe hardcover coming out in July?

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