Comic Book Question of the Week RESULTS: Favorite Image Expo New Announcement

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Image Expo has turned 2014 into a very promising year. Plenty of talented creators took to the stage and it was announced a whole slew of unique and very interesting titles will be heading our way. We each have our favorites from the batch, but this week, we wanted to see which announcement is generating the most hype from the community. Well, one title obliterated the competition -- seriously, it has a 27% lead over 2nd place. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner is...

Scott Snyder & Jock's WYTCHES!

Basically, the premise is everything we thought we know about witches is totally incorrect. They're darker and far more fearsome than we've imagined. Snyder says he's creating them as "something a lot darker and scarier than I've seen before." The writer spoke with Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero at the event and offered some more details. "They're beastial, terrifying, androgynous creatures and we don't understand the origin of them. All of the human people that we've thought of as witches are actually the people who worship those creatures. And in that way, they're very elusive." Also, Snyder reveals why the book is spelled with a "y." So, if you're curious about that and want to learn more about the book, definitely watch G-Man's interview with him here.

Here's the poll results:

Viners, what is it about the Snyder/Jock's upcoming book that excites you the most? If you didn't vote for WYTCHES, which title earned your love and why? Don't be shy, speak your mind below!

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I voted for C.O.W.L. but I'm interested in Low too and will probably at least check out the first issue of Wytches.

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Wytches sounds awesome. Saw some of that Rod Reis preview art for COWL...amazing!

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That is a ridicules lead

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@wardishy said:

I voted for C.O.W.L. but I'm interested in Low too and will probably at least check out the first issue of Wytches.

Also excited for C.O.W.L. Don't think I have the budget for more than one of these, but I may get a few in trade if reviews are good.

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i only voted for it because of the Y in wytches

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Pfffft throw the name Snyder at a book and it will sell more then you can print.

But to not be negative, the book really does sound like it will scare the shit out of me or any one who wants to read it for that matter. So good job Snyder!

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voted nailbiters

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Wytches won! And yes I voted for it because Snyder is writing it. I like his writing and having Jock doing the art is just icing on the cake! I'm also excited for Nailbiter and The Wicked and The Divine.

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Yaaay!! I voted Wytches! What do I win?

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I voted Tech Jacket, but I've got to say that Wytches sounds pretty awesome.

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Any word on Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast'?

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I was torn between Tech Jacket and Nameless but I went with the latter at the end, though Wytches doesn't sound bad either. Funny to think that if that title had been used in a comic 20 years ago it would probably be for a team of skimpy magic superheroines from EXTREME Studios or some stupid sh!t like that.

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Wytches looks awesome, then again, they all do. Image is really kicking some butt here. I will probably dabble in most of these books although Bitch Planet with DeConnick tops my list.

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