Image United #1 Review, Is It The Crossover Of The Century?

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This comic really took me back...back to the 90s.  I was a big fan when Image was born.  All of the 'hot' artists at the time decided to stand up for themselves and create something new.  We had a lot of flashy new books...that sometimes fell a little flat on the storytelling.  But it was a fun time.  I will admit that I don't keep up with all of the existing core-Image titles.  The ones that I don't, I do pick them up periodically to keep up with what is going on.  This big crossover is something that I have been excited about since I first heard the details.  The idea of Robert Kirkman writing a story drawn by Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri and Jim Valentino just seemed crazy.  I was worried about how the story would "look" with all the artists doing their thing.  Could this issue live up to the expectations I was builiding?

In my opinion, this book was a success.  It simply 'worked.'  My biggest fear of awkward transitions or panel layouts among the different artists wasn't a problem.  There were times that I almost forgot there was more than one artist.  Part of it could be on the way Rob Liefeld did the layouts.  Part of it could also be that I was getting sucked into Kirkman's story.  Writing a crossover isn't the easiest thing to do.  Often they just feel forced.  You can tell that different characters are being thrown together just to make an event in the comic.  That's not the case here.  We don't get every single character together on the same page, at least, not yet.  If these characters do exist in the same 'universe,' it makes sense that they should show up at the same crisis.  And from the first page, we see that something is purposely drawing them all together.
When thinking over my rating, I do have to say that this is coming from someone that saw the creation of all these characters.  There might be a slight nostalgia factor influencing it.  You could almost say that parts of this issue are borderline cliche.  I believe the point of this series is to entertain.  Give the readers a chance to see all these artists together.  Is it a gimmick?  Maybe.  But it was fun.  I mentioned the fact that this is a 'first issue' and we don't get the whole story.  We don't know what the main driving force of the evil crisis is.  That's part of what will bring you back to issue #2.  For those that weren't reading the original Image comics, this might seem like just another splashy comic with a bunch of characters running around.  I do feel new readers can jump on board and get to know the characters (after all, the character Fortress himself doesn't know all the characters either).  This comic is like a summer-popcorn-action movie.  It might not be the absolute best comic ever created but I feel it does deserve the high rating I gave it.  I dug the story, I loved the art, I was entertained...that's all I can ask for in a comic book.
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OMG this is sooo AWESOME!!!  ^_^
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I think the reason the art blends together is the inks. I think since they are all inked by one person that may take away some of the differation in style
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@thor's mamma: There's no credits for an "inker."  Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris do the colors. 
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spawn is one of my favourite characters so I am definitely going to pick this up!!!! i wonder if invincible will shown up in this crossover....

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Oh that's right it's out today!! *runs off to comic shop*
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Yeah inkers just mostly ink over the Art work. The Atr is what we came to see (also the story  ^_^). 
As an Artist everyone doing the art at once is just to work with some of the artis one day = )
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he is in it later...remember this is a world wide attack, so expect him to be in it with his"have to kill a villains for now on"attetued. I smell evil emo LOL  ^0^
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I read that the darkness is meant to be in it? is he? 
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I got the Spawn issue too. I enjoyed it
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Totally agree!!! I also got Spawn on the cover and I love it. 

As far as I know most of the artist also did the inking with McFarlane doing a little bit here and there in addition.

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i would love to have invincible in it , krikman has said that me might show up for a cup of coffee !!!! 

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@MadOmegaMan:  Silvestri said on his blog that Jackie will be coming back to battle the original Spawn, if so I am psyched. I love the Darkness and I was hoping Darkness would be in it since he was originally at Image before Top Cow.
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I think I will skip this, the only Image title that I liked was Maxx.
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I was around when Image was first born, but like everyone else was let down at the lack of story telling.  Everything was sooooo late all the time.  Sure the art was great but the stories just blew.  I actually got into the one character and it was by accident because it was the only image book was buying and the comic store owner gave me the first issue free and that was THE Maxx.  The Maxx was a maxi-series and sadly ended.  But they all ended up sucking, and it made some of the Marvel comics suck too.  All the artists were watered down versions of the artists that left for Image, but some came into their own.  Mark Bagely took over for Larson, on Amazing, but his style changed when he started doing Ultimate Spider-man,  Uncanny and E-men had a differant artist every other month and sucked considering you had Jim Lee on X-men for years.  Portaciao gave Ice-man rings around his wrists at X-Factor jumped to Uncanny for an amazing six month run then bailed to do the beautifuly drawn but weak story telling Wet-Works.  Spawn got to satanic, and borine, Wild Cats was just okay.  Then Marvel tried to sell all their books with foil covers and almost went B.K.. and for D.C. to compete they broke Batmans back, killed Superman and made Green Lantern a villian.  Comics sucked when Image was around.

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the spawn cover and the "omega spawn" drwaing really take me back when mcfarlane drew the first spawn issues, I'm definetely picking this one up whenever I can
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i got the spawn cover too. i thinks it pretty dope and im excited. 
if it means anything, i think the beginning spawn books were sweet all around, even the writing. i thought it was all good

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I haven't read this yet but I cant wait to. You seem really excited lol

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what happened to dale keown's pitt & sam keith's maxx???  ha!

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Spawn is the best character!!!
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awesome!! i bought the blank one and jim lee's cover (which is the best of the covers, imho)

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I agree!!!! Spawn is an awesome character!!!!! I cant wait till spawn reaches issue 200!!!!!!!
#22 Posted by The Sadhu (860 posts) - - Show Bio

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O boy, I have to get this!!! 
Spawn and Witchblade are my favorites!!

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Definitely going to pick this up.

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When Image came out wayyyyyyy back in the 90's Marvel and DC where slowly heading towards some drudgery as far as storylines were involved. Then Malibu came out with IMAGE and BAM!!!!! Out of nowhere Comics had a bright new outlook and a whole new slew of characters to read and care about. Fastfoward to 2009 and that feeling to be honest has faded. I don't care much about Spawn or Savage Dragon,  Witchblade or Nighthawk.... I hope though that this Ish will ignite that spark that Image Comics once lit in me so long ago. I'll pick it up, I hope i wont be let down!

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Great review G-Man but speaking as somebody who lives and breathes Image Comics every day I think you let the nostalgia influence your rating.  I thought it was a well done book but at times we got too many posing pictures and not enough visual storytelling.  I credited this to the fact Liefeld handled the layouts on this issue but since Larsen is taking over next issue I look for that to improve.  Regardless it is going to be a great mini-series and I just hope that I don't go broke with all of the covers

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Awesome review G-Man, your a funny guy

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