Does Anyone Remember Image United?

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It's been eight months since Image United #3 and I haven't really heard anything about the delay.

Has this been cancelled? Severely delayed? Forgotten?

Another important question is: Do you even care anymore?
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I really liked it.

it's a shame with all of the delays. I believe that they have given up on it. It didn't receive a lot of support, and with all of the collaborating going on the issues suffered huge delays. and rather than deal with it, I believe Image has said it is possible but unlikely we will see the last 3 issues.

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I remember being excited initially, then the 90s memories kicked in- the kind you remember because you've been hurt before and you feel the pain all over again. Everything the naysayers said was confirmed, the jokes about delays or not finishing it came true, and its a shame. It could've been a cool way to relaunch their collective universe, instead its served as a reminder for what went wrong the first time around. Maybe it'll be done by the time Jim Lee's deal with DC has expired. 

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This pisses me off so much!!!!!

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I remember...::tears:: lol but no really. I love the Image superheros so much and I was so amped for this. Still waiting.

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Still hopeful we see the end of it, like we had with The Twelve after 4 year break.

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I think the customers deserve some update from the people at Image concerning the missing 3 issues. We have be ignored long enough and should get a bit of support from the Comic Vine people on this.

We should be told if the project is officially cancelled or not. If it is not cancelled, they have stop delaying it and publish the remaining issues before the end of 2013.

This is ridiculous,

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Just thinking of this. LOL

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