Illuminati Assemble

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Next in Avengers vs X-Men

Really wasn't expecting to see the Illuminati in this event, but I'm glad they're gonna show up. It's about time the FF got involved in the even, so I'm happy to see Read, and I'm glad Xavier is on the right side, and it's no surprise to see Namor isn't there when he's part of the problem.

Unforchantly Marvel continues to shaft Black Bolt in all Illuminati related stories :\ I mean come on he was there for the formation, the gathering of the infinity gems, the beyonder stuff, the skrull talk, but then.... he was a skrull at the hulk talk, a skrull at the civil war talk, they killed his skrull at the secret invasion talk, he was dead durring the infinity gems stuff recently, and now he's off world during x-men vs avengers :[ so lame.

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Professor X! Squeee!

Black Bolt's dead? Waaaaaaaaaaah!

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@Anneliese: No. He's not dead. Everyone thought he was for a while, but he came back in a issue of FF, but him and the rest of the inhumans left chasing after the Kree that attacked earth

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Yeah! Again.

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