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I was reading the New Avengers and I thought, if the DCU created an Illuminati Team, who would it consist of?

I was thinking:

Batman - Human

Wonder Woman - Amazon

Aquaman - Atlantis

Martian ManHunter - Alien

Cyborg - Technology

Shazam - Magic

What would be your choice

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just curious- does the Illuminati act as arbiter of disputes between heroes(groups as well as individuals), a sort of "Supreme Court" for the superhero community worldwide and do the world's governments( esp the major powers such as US, China , Russia , UK, et al) know of the group's existence?


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they are kinda to justice leagueish

What do you think of


Mr. Terrific

Dr. Fate

Martian Manhunter

John Constantine



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@Paracelsus said:

just curious- does the Illuminati act as arbiter of disputes between heroes(groups as well as individuals), a sort of "Supreme Court" for the superhero community worldwide and do the world's governments( esp the major powers such as US, China , Russia , UK, et al) know of the group's existence?

Basically, as the foremost representatives of their respective superpowered fields, the Marvel U acts as proxies for their entire group among the Illuminati, representing their interests in disputes, preferably before said disputes reach Earth or have to be dealt with at large.

Usually, whenever they convene, it means something really bad, something that requires all of them to deal with. As such, they've only convened over the SRA, and whether or not to send Hulk to space. The latter supposedly finished them when Namor stood up for Hulk. T'Challa reconvened them in light of the recent threat.

And no, the major powers of Earth don't know about them, because as T'Challa points out in their very first meeting: The Illuminati is what all of humanity is afraid of: That these superpowered gods among men will decide that humanity's leadership isn't good enough anymore, and take charge itself. A group like the Illuminati CANNOT exist, as far the world government is concerned.

Superpowered heroes are tolerated because they handle the threats humanity can't, and they generally with rare exceptions such as the Avengers, operate independently. If they began organizing into a large cohesive group, with actual leaders and ranks, etc, humanity wouldn't stand a chance. So the only people who know about the Illuminati are the Illuminati themselves. And the Hulk. ... And kind of everyone on Earth after World War Hulk...


Wonder why that was never addressed...

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1. Batman

2. John Constantine

3. Martian Manhunter

4. Brainiac 5

5. Hippolyta

6. Amanda Waller

7. Aquaman

They're all great leaders and are willing to do anything for the greater good even if their actions might seem unethical.

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  1. Batman
  2. Martian Manhunter
  3. The Atom (Ray Palmer)
  4. Zatanna
  5. Aquaman
  6. Mr. Terrific
  7. Wonder Woman? Idk. I couldn't think of anyone for this spot.
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This has actually been done before. I'll just repost what I posted on that thread:

Some of the suggestions here don't seem to fit the idea of the Illuminati as the most powerful (in terms of standing, not just power) men of their respective universe, working behind the scenes to protect the world. "In secret, they rule" basically sums it up. Here are my (pre-52) suggestions. Like the Illuminati, they've all worked together before, so there's an overall level of respect:

  • Batman: At least the JLA/DCU Batman, not the solo title Gotham one. We've already seen that he'll go to lengths to ensure the superhuman community is kept in check (Contingency plans, OMAC, Brother Eye), and considering his genius intellect and standing within the superhero world, I can see him in this organization. Plus, he's always been prone to keeping secrets.
  • Aquaman: He's a king that rules most of the world's waters, and as royalty he readily represents the king aspect. I can see him taking on a role similar to Black Bolt's, working in secret with the rest of the group in order to preserve the world order. Aquaman has always been a hero who's willing to make hard decisions.
  • Mr. Terrific: He is the parallel to Mr. Fantastic and represents the scientific community. Aside from having a genius intellect and being a former Checkmate member, I can see him being the 'behind-the-scenes' sort of thinker.
  • Martian Manhunter: Aside from being a telepath like the Professor, he also represents the aliens of the DCU. J'onn has always been a central figure of the League, and with his level of powers I can see him here. Post-Flashpoint especially, J'onn has been portrayed as this sort of powerhouse figure.
  • Alan Scott: This might seem like an odd choice, but in Kingdom Come, we see Alan as a diplomat for New Oa. So I can see him playing a role like this, and he also represents the Green Lantern Corps as well as the superhuman community. It also ties in to his earlier role in Checkmate.
  • Dr. Fate: This is a no-brainer, Fate is basically the Sorcerer Supreme of his universe. Not much to add beyond that, but seeing as how Nabu is a Lord of Order, I'd imagine he would be concerned with preserving the peace. He represents the magical side of the DCU.
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  • Batman
  • Adam Strange
  • Swamp Thing
  • Aquaman
  • Valentina Vostok
  • Jack Hawksmoor
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I suppose Supes would never join something like this. I don't think Batman (He's devious, but secret societies don't seem his thing) or Diana would either.

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