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Ikor is a member of The Watchers and is, even in there eons old lives, considered an elder. He is the father of Uatu, who is earth's solar system's assigned Watcher. Ikor was the being that drafted the Watcher's Code of Ethics, requiring that they merely observe the events in the multiverse and forbidding them from interfering in them. 
The beings that would become the Watchers reached virtual immortality and acquired god-like powers. Ikor considered it an act of generocity to share their knowledge with less fortunate races, helping them along similar paths. He led the first such mission to another planet. They offered the secrets of nuclear energy to the "primitive" Prosilicans (whose technology was about the same as pre-World War II Earth).  
The various states of planet Prosilicus used said secrets to build nuclear weapons. Warring factions anihilated entire cities with ease, small battles escalating to "Major Holocausts". "Carnage spread from continent to continent". When Ikor led a second visit to Prosilicus, he only found a hand full of survivors sitting on a nuclear wasteland. Ikor vowed that his race would not interfere again with the fates of others. Leading them to become the Watchers, beings bound to observe record but never interfere.

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