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Guardian of the Dexter Council

Known as Ihroe the Sensitive, Ihroe's name is derived from the word misery and she is the most gifted seer in all of House Dexter, serving as their Council Guardian due to her advanced abilities. Among her many gifts as a seer which includes, precognition and telepathy, Ihroe is capable of creating a Veil of Privacy around a small area which allows no thoughts or beings in or out without her permission. This allows the Dexter Council to plan and debate without fear of being spied on. Ihroe is the only member of the First who has demonstrated this type of power.

Ihroe is known to be able to uncover any secret and this was proven when she revealed Tulity as the assassin who attempted to kill Altwaal. After House Dexter was created and she became their Council Guardian, Ihroe developed an alliance with House Sinisters most gifted Seer, Orium, who was also quite mad due in part to Altwaal's curse, which forced to him to only see the truth. Ihroe helped him by keeping his mind sane when he lost his temper, under the condition that he help her gain her one true desire. This was later revealed to be Seahn, the Secundae of House Dexter who eventually took over House Sinister by deposing Ingra. It is unknown how long Ihroe's had been in an alliance with Orium, but he was not in any rush to deliver his end of their deal although Ihroe consistently reminded him that he still had a debt to pay to her. Because Orium failed to act quickly enough, Ihroe took matters into her own hands and traveled to House Sinister where she attempted to add to her alliance by recruiting the Secundae Tiena and Empher. When Ihroe brought the two to Orium, explaining that the four of them could easily bring their ultimate goals to fruition, Orium became furious and attacked the trio of Gods.

Attacked by Seahn

Although he sent the Secundae back to their homes, he continued his assault on Ihroe after she scolded him about ruining a plan that she was certain would lead to success. Orium ended their alliance after this, and when she was unconscious, he teleported her to Seahn's bedroom, essentially giving Ihroe what she wanted as he felt it would also serve his needs as well. However, Ihroe awoke only to be attacked by Seahn when he found her. Seahn eventually sends Ihroe back to House Dexter wounded and in a coma. She awakes just in time to find that Elysia was under attack from their creator Solusandra, and that Pyrem, House Dexter's Leader, was abdicating his throne in order to follow Ingra.

Although reluctant to continue her role as the Council Guardian, Ihroe is essential in helping to decide a new leader. She explains to the Council what their options are, and how Pyrem was initially chosen. However, any debate or discussion becomes unnecessary when she mentally links all of the members of House Dexter together so that they may unanimously choose their new leader. The candidate is quickly revealed as Persha, Pyrem's daughter, who readily accepts the role. Ihroe is among the group of First to answer the call of Altwaal when he returns and begins to prepare the First for war with the Negation universe, however this never comes to fruition as the series was abruptly canceled due to Crossgen comics being forced to file for bankruptcy.


Ihroe using her power.

Ihroe, like all members of her race is privy to a wide range of abilities including flight, teleportation, and enhanced strength to name few. However, Ihroe has also chosen to perfect the mental aspects of her powers, as is evidenced by skills only she has been seen using. This includes her use of the Veil of Privacy and her ability to easily manipulate other beings with telepathy. Ihroe is also very gifted in the ways of precognition, which allows her to witness signs in every day life that she can use to correctly guess the outcome of future events. She is able to scan an object or person to find information that would otherwise be unknown. Ihroe also claims that she has seen sights no other members of her race have witnessed which may be accurate as she is the only other member of the First who was able to witness the being known as Danik reforming in the Eidolon Rift even though Persha alone was meant to see this event. Another common use of her power seen throughout the series was her ability to create a sphere of energy which she could use to spy on others. Although Ihroe seems to be very powerful and skilled the use of her abilities, she is still easily beaten by Orium and Seahn when she tries to defend herself from their attacks.

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