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Major Story Arcs

Devils and Deaths

Igor teaches the local mayor a lesson.

Igor's father is General Vlado, leader of the Agrami Grendel clan shortly after the death of Orion Assante. Igor is a young boy but helps his nearly-blind father navigate the world, often hanging on to his back and telling him where to walk or kick a soccer ball. Igor clearly relishes his father's position of power and shares his lack of patience with lesser men. But Igor is also embarrassed at Vlado's failing abilities, and he can tell the clan is starting to consider a change in leadership.

Igor offers himself as that leader. He organizes a rebellion, and kills his own father by garroting him from behind. He has his face tattooed with the symbols of leadership and takes over in an efficient, brutal fashion, even as a child.

Devil's Choices

Igor is now grown up, and still leads the Agrami with an iron, if canny, hand. The area is fraught with constant changing rivalries between the different Grendel clans. Igor signs a peace treaty with the Sava clan and starts a new war with the Karantani. He manipulates the Sava leader, General Milan, through a days-long drinking session, and offers insightful, pragmatic advice to the idealistic Agrami warrior Goran (who doesn't want to hear it), all in order to keep up the honor and power of his clan.

Igor learns that there is a new Grendel-Khan, and he is sending a Reconquista army to place their land back under central control. Igor's pride cannot let this happen. When Milan says he plans to surrender, Igor shoots him in the head. He decides he can only rely on himself. He even has his warriors kill their new allies, the Savas. This massacre leads to the death of Goran's Sava girlfriend, Marica, and Goran runs off to find Igor.

The leader of the Khan's army, General Antwerpen, sends an ex-Agrami soldier (Borna) to try to persuade Igor to give up in the face of the Khan's overwhelmingly larger army, but Igor believes that surrender is worse than death. In his own way, he is as idealistic as Goran. He tortures Borna to death for being a traitor, and prepares his troops for battle.

Igor rallies the troops.

When Antwerpen's army arrives, Igor gloriously leads the charge against them, but a wide field separates them. As they travel across it, Goran rams into Igor with a motorcycle, and tries to persuade him to stop. Igor shoots him and charges again, but now the army's momentum is paused. They don't seek death as much as Igor. Antwerpen shoots Igor in the knees and takes the town without a battle.

Igor is artificially stood up using mechanical legs for a firing squad. When they are about to fire, he takes over, commanding them to attention, berating them for their laziness, then ordering them to fire at him on his command. His death becomes a legend, and Goran takes over the clan under the new Khan.

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