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The Beginning 

 Over 100,000 years ago, near the creation of the Bionicle Universe, the Mask of Life was created by the Great beings who made the mask so that Mata Nui could restore life if it needed to be restored.  The mask of life was looked inside of a box, so that when the time was right it could be used. However a great being became curios of the mask, and opened the box. The mask reacted and gave the being power to give life to anything. Because of this it also gave nov-living things life, and it also gave the things that were non-living minds of there own. The Great beings then confined him so that he could not make anything come to life. So after the Beings were forced to hide the mask again, this time under mount valmai. Where they sent protectors to watch the mask named "The Order Of Mata Nui". 
Some time, a group called the Piraka sought out the Mask of Life to rule the Matoran Universe. Meanwhile, the Toa Nuva wanted it to heal Mata Nui. The Mask fused with the Piraka known as Vezon, granting him the power to absorb kinetic energy and see into the future. It also gave Vezon a giant spider named Fenrak. However, Vezon was too evil and insane for the Mask of Life's taste. Instead, the Mask wanted the Matoran known as Matoro to be its new guardian. Later, Matoro became one of the Toa Inika and helped defeat Vezon and separate the Mask of Life from him. Later, the Mask went into the area known as the Pit. It's mutagenic waters were causing the Mask to crack. It was sought by the banished warriors known as the Barraki. Meanwhile, a Matoran named Deckar thought the Mask was too dangerous and tried to destroy it. Desperately, the Mask turned Deckar into the being named Hydraxon and the Toa Inika into the Toa Mahri. After a long and vicious battle, Matoro used the Mask's power to bring Mata Nui back to life at the cost of his own. After matoro died, the mask found itself in the swamp ares of Kardi Nui. There, it decidd that it would fight instead of relying on guardians to do so. It made a body and weapons for iself and aided the Toa Nuva in the battle against the Makuta. It defeated the one named Icarax by devolving him back into a biomechanical being. As Ignika guarded Icarax, the Makuta revealed that Ignika had a countdown function. If the Toa did not defeat the Makuta, then Ignika would be forced to drain all life out of the Matoran Universe. Later, the Ignika gave up his new body to help speed up the process to wake up Mata Nui. 
While the Mask of Life is genderless, it likes to be seen as a boy in honor of Matoro. The Toa Ignika acts as a guarded child at times, and often acts on its emotions. It eventually learns how to talk by watching others talking.


Toa Ignika had the power to do virtually anything with life. (One of the few things it couldn't do was resurrect the dead. It only do that if someone wore the mask of life.) Some powers of the Toa Ignika include:
Controlling and absorbing life forces
Control age rates (This was one of its common attacks)
Devolving or evolving beings
Creating items and weapons from molecules

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