IDW Zombie Infestation

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I know this is kinda old news but I just got wind of it.
Now to be honest, I'm not for these multiple title-crossover events. I mean, jeez, that Darkest Weekend / Brightest Night thing is still going on at DC, people are still buying that? You need a new comic box just to hold them all. However!... a crossover story event involving zombies invading G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers AND the Ghostbusters worlds! I Reckon if IDW had only including Doctor Who my bowels may have exploded with excitement (yes, i did say 'excitement'). I haven't bought any U.S. single comics since the Marvelman mini-series but these are definately on my ebay shopping list.
Original news article from IDW and a Comic Vine post by ironshadow .
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I'm really excited about this...I don't read IDW's Ghostbusters or Star Trek titles but I love their G.I. Joe and Transformers books and I love zombies so it's a win win situation....PLUS IDW is giving away Infestation logo sew on patches at retailers for some of the books!!

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