IDW Goes Western With HAWKEN

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If you are a fan of western genre comic books, then you may want to HAWKEN on your radar before you head to the comic shop tomorrow. The all new IDW miniseries will tell the story of a character named "Kitchell Hawken" who, on a search for revenge, follows a trail that "The Ring" left behind for him. But who is the "Ring?" The organization, made up of corrupt politicians and merchants who had basically left Hawken for dead.

Hawken seems to have some interesting powers, too -- he is able to see the ghosts of everyone he has killed in the past. Are the shadows of the lives he took figments of his imagination, or are they a reality? Will they try to destroy Hawken, or aid him on his thirst for retribution?

“The ghosts provide a direct link between the readers and Hawken,” says Ben Truman. “He’s a tough old bastard on the outside, but his relationship with the ghosts provide insights into his inner world. I think readers will come for the two-fisted, six-gun action and stay for the character.”

A western paired with a haunting story, HAWKEN is set to hit store shelves on November 16th, 2011. Published by IDW and written and illustrated by father-son creative team Tim Truman and Ben Truman, the tale will delve into a genre very different from much of what's in the main stream comics market today. What do you think of HAWKEN? will you give this new miniseries a shot?

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makes me think of this...oh wait, I just realized it's the same artist, ha!

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THis looks kinda cool, IDW and Dynamite both have a lot of cool stuff coming out but that $3.99 price tag for all of them is steep, its hard enough to keep up with GI JOE, Transformers, 30 Days of Night, Ghostbusters, and TMNT all @ $3.99 pop in addition to all of the DC and Marvel stuff I'm already getting. I may have to squeeze in issue #1 to see how it is tho.

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Yes, this is Jonah Hex to a T, lol. Still, interesting!

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Will you give this new miniseries a shot?


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Timothy Truman's Scout comic From Eclipse was amazing. I'll definitely be tracking this down

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Seems alright.

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