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Angel Rodriguez Idigoras (Idigoras) was born in 1962, Francisco Javier Rodriguez Idigoras (Pachi), in 1969. They started their careers separately, publishing some works in newspapers of Malaga, their home town. Now, it is truly difficult to know who is who and who does exactly what in their comic strips. They produce a daily strip for spanish newspaper El Mundo for years. In El Jueves magazine, they have published three series. Pascual, mayordomo real (Pascual, Real Butler) and Alicia, institutriz de Letizia (Alicia, governess of Letizia) are a parody of the spanish Royal family (Letizia is married with the prince). The third one is called El perro de la casa blanca (The dog from the White House) and is a parody of US politics.

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