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Jean Loring has been attacked by the same killer who murdered Sue Dibny, she is strung up in her own apartment and hanged by a noose. Atom rushes through the phone lines to save her, getting there to cut her down just in time. As he resuscitates, he begins to pray for her a little bit. She revives, and the two share a romantic moment.

Jean Loring Rescued

The crime scene is investigated by Superman, Green Arrow and Mister Miracle. For the second time in a row, their highly advanced security system has been beaten, leaving no trace of the assailant. Superman recognizes the knot,and Oracle establishes that it is the trademark of Slipknot. They find him in his cell, and Wonder Woman interrogates him with her Lasso of Truth, but he doesn't know anything either. The only connection between the active suspects is that they have been members of the Suicide Squad, which is still not much of a lead, but it's the best that they have.

There is a large stir in the supervillain community as well. A group of the professionals are getting together, and sitting around playing risk, including Black Spider, Chronos, Deadshot, Mirror Master, Merlyn and Monocle. Although some of them seem to be enjoying the chaos, the consensus is that this is bad for everybody. There's hostility towards whoever is responsible, because riling the heroes like this is simply bad for business. Nobody benefits. Rumors have also spread of Doctor Light's mindwipe.

Spectre summoned

Captain Boomerang is still trying to connect with his long lost son, Owen Mercer. Calculator helps him work up the nerve. Noticing him parked on the street again, Owen approaches his father and confronts him. He reveals that he's already aware of their relation, because tabloid reporters have been stalking him all week. The two connect immediately, Boomerang apologizes for not raising him properly, is forgiven, and they drive off together to talk.

Batman is performing his own investigation of the murder, using the Bat computer. He does not believe that it could have been the Suicide Squad, because there's absolutely no gain there. And that's the first rule of solving any crime. You have to figure out who benefits. But there doesn't seem to be anything good coming out of this crisis for anyone at all. At the very least, across the country, the danger is bringing family members closer to their loved ones.

Lois Lane Threatened

Oliver Queen confronts his old best friend Hal Jordan, who is now the Spectre. He asks that the Spectre's powers, which are used to find and punish the guilty from a divine perspective. Hal apologizes, and tells him that he can't pick and choose who to take vengeance upon, it's all dictated by a higher power. He can't even reveal who the murderer is, which pains him greatly. Hal tells Ollie to make sure that the bastard pays. As they sit together and talk as friends, Ollie asks Hal when he's going to be coming back from the dead, and the response is that he's working on it.

Lois Lane worried about the emotional toll that everything is taking on Clark Kent. He puts on a brave face for the rest of the community, but it's clear that he's scared. For all of his powers, he can't be there to protect everyone all of the time. At the Daily Planet, she receives an anonymous threat in the mail. The killer knows her husband's secret as well, and plans on coming for her next.


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