dark_noldor's Identity Crisis #3 - Chapter Three: Serial Killer review

It´s a whopper!!!

The Story - Conviced that Dr. Light is the responsible for his wife´s death, Elongated Man (along with Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Zatanna, Black Cannary, Atom and Green Arrow), go to face the villain - but he´s not alone: he has contracted Deathstroke to deal with our heroes. There´s also another attemp on a heroe´s wife, in this case Ray Palmer´s ex-wife Jean.
The Writting - In this issue the story kinda was paused by Meltzer, who focused more on the battle between Slade and the heroes. Some side stories were told like Tim Drake's, Jimmy Olsen's, more dirty laundry of whom esle they might have wiped the mind and the Calculator with Boomerang's (who´s trying to reconnect with his son and get a gig). The highlights were: 1) Superman trying to get some answers from Ollie and Wally covering for him; 2) Superman hearing Ollie and consolating Ralph; 3) the next victim Jean.
The Art - Yes, that´s what I´m talking about, that´s the reason I signed on for: fight and battle. Deathstroke single handed dealt with Flash (pierced a sword through his chest), Zatanna (punched her in the liver), Black Cannary (put a mask on her face, making it impossible for her to breathe and use her powers), Hawkman (slashed his belt, and he felt bad in the pavement - great scene, the details of the concrete), Green Lantern (crushed his hand and tried to use the ring - but his theory wasn´t proved), Green Arrow (cut his arrows and avoided physical confrontation by trapping Dianah) and Atom by beaming him with a laser pointer - and then he crashed in Hawkman). Ok, Slade can use 90% of his brain, antecipate moves, plan battles in his head, he´s awesome...but a little team work did managed to get him down, if it wasn´t for Dr. Light´s intervenience. Slade loosing his temper after getting his bad eye gauged by Green Arrow was a great scene. I think Rags really put every single effort in this issue, just poured his soul on it. It´s awesome.
The Bad - Just a few details: 1) when Hawkman is beated by Atom´s body he´d lost his helmet, but when he´s on a tight grip around Slade´s neck the helmet is there; 2) Why did Dr. Light did remembered that these heroes had erased his mind? (Just because he had seen a similar scene in Slade´s fight? Too weak); 3) Why didn´t Green Lantern used his powers against Slade, instead of going toe to toe with him? (Didn´t liked it); 4) How did Wally healed so fast? Is he Hawk or Wolverine by the way? (Does he have a healing factor?); 5) What´s Batman doiing in Dr. Light´s remembering scene* 
The Verdict - The best issue so far, lots of action, good dialogues of morals and what´s a heroe like and a new trauma is about to happen: is Jean dead?
5 out 5 Arrows in Deathstroke´s eye
Posted by Silkcuts

I hate it when people leave a non-recommended and not say why.  Whats with the hate?
Great review BTW.  I just reviewed the whole trade... each issue would be an overload for me to write reviews on.  
 - Silkcuts

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