dark_noldor's Identity Crisis #2 - Chapter Two: House of Lies review

The Ugly Truth

The Story - In a secret meeting, Elongated Man, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Black Cannary and Atom, after discovering the presence of both The Flash and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), there´s an awe and ugly revelation: these seven heroes (at the time Flash was Barry and GL was Hal) erased Dr. Lights memories and reprogramed his thoughts, so he could be less agressive and more docile, in order to prevent such fowl crimes as the one commited by him in JLA´s Satellite: he raped Sue Dibny and had swore to come back for her one more time- that´s why he´s most wanted as number one responsible for Sue´s death. Is that the core of Identity Crisis? The morals of our heroes? Does the ends justifies the means?
The Writting - Amazing dialogues and narrative dynamics created by Meltzer, you can cut the tension with a knife in the private chapel, where our heroes are meeting to put together a hunting strategy. The way Meltzer figured out to both Flash and Green Lantern to appear was cool, intelligent and funny, utilizing Hawkman hightened eyesight and Ollie´s twist and grimm sense of humor. That´s how this book is been driven to: a good story, with sharp narrative, and every single idiosyncrasy of the characters being used to optimize the story. All the background store (what happened in the Satellite and how they voted to erase Dr. Light´s memories and rearrange his character) took a good part of this issue and it was worth it: it showed that  Hawkman is both hard to control and predict, that Flash (Barry) was very fragile at the time and that Green Arrow always will tag along with Green Lantern (Hal Jordan); even in this pack of  "on the edge heroes", still there´s conflict of ideals, which proves that mantaining a team together isn´t an easy job. The other part of this issue focused on the bad guys meeting in an abandoned satellite and Dr. Light hiring Deathstroke as his bodyguard.
The Art - Another amazing issue by Rags & Cia, with lots of details (in scenario - like in the satellites), characters (clothes, faces, body movement) and the best scenes to me were: 1) Dr. Light raping Sue; 2) Dr. Light being whopped by the League; 3) Dr. Light begging for help; 4) Our heroes arriving at Dr. Light´s home.
The Bad - In this issue we see a little action going on (the Sue Dibny thing and Deathstroke exploding Elongated Man), but I still feel that it´s too calm, let´s see next issue.  In addition, since I don´t know DC Universe very well, I kinda didn´t like it the villains (Dr. Light? Merlyn? Monocles? Boomerang?) All a bunch of loosers in my humble opinion.
The Verdict - It´s a pick up guaranteed, awesome story, great art, beautiful cover, and totally comprehensible for new readers, excepet the part of the villains, it needed a little more explanation of whos whom.
4.5 out 5
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Posted by Silkcuts

I loved identity crisis :D

Posted by CaptainCockblock

One of the major parts of Dr. Light's character, which they touch on, is that he's supposed to be an absolute loser. Plus, most of these guys are left over from the Silver Age.

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