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Id the Selfish Moon is the brother of Ego the Living Planet. In the beginning there was nothing except space and the universe! However, soon enough dust formed together and created Ego and Id. The two brothers lived in secrecy for a thousand years. However, when Id got tired of living in secret, Ego only wanted his younger brother to follow his good example. Id wanted to party hard and have fun with friends, but Ego was ashamed of Id's choice and they continued to live among one another. When ships learned about Ego and Id they wanted to prove their existence, but Ego destroyed the ships before any information could be found. Id hated Ego for this and left his brother, searching for the party life. Going from galaxy to galaxy, Id never found the love and happiness of partying hard. Driven crazy after countless millenia of loneliness, Id decided to continue his never ending search and saw a partying world. However, Id's psyche was broken and he instead devoured the party world! Id decided he loved devouring worlds, and quit trying to find a world to party with. He instead wanted to devour more worlds!


Id the Selfish Moon was created by writer Daniel Way and artist Carlo Barberi. He is a variation of Ego the Living Planet and is one of the main antagonists of Deadpool's comic book "Space Oddity: The Weight of the World". He has the ability to devour worlds by unleashing a destructive blast that comes from his core.

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