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Hello, I'm new to the forums! I am a fan of the milestone characters, Static being my favorite. But if I had to choose a second favorite it would have to be Icon. So since Static's series got cancelled, I was sitting here wondering if another Milestone character would get a shot at an ongoing and I think Icon would be a perfect choice for that. But the one problem I have with Icon is that he has an extremely small selection of bad guys to fight, and I mean EXTREMELY small. The only villains that come to my mind are Holocaust (Bang Baby crime boss), Lysistrata Jones (a woman with the power to seduce men), and oblivion (an alien that messed with Icon's ship and caused it to crash to earth). And ever since the early days of Milestone Media, Static always got the cooler villains while Icon mostly fought petty criminals. That's right, the flagship character of Milestone who could hold his own in a fight with Superman was mostly stuck fighting common street punks. Are you kidding me?! So if Icon were to get his own ongoing in the new 52, what kind of villains would you like to see him fight? Personally, I think Holocaust would be an excellent arch nemesis for Icon. I also think Lysistrata and Oblivion would be cool to bring back as well (though IMO the former needs a redesign. She looks way to 70's to me). Your thoughts on some rogues?

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@Black_Claw: Lysistrata Jones was SUPPOSED to look 70s.

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Imo Ultraman would be a great rogue for Icon to face.Hasent been seen since the new52 & has solid background when going up against the DC heavy weights.

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