Needs a new costume

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He should have a cool looking alien costume, instead he looks like Robin (batman) mixed with Robin Hood in red and green tights.

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I totally agree with you. I've always liked him as a character and how he was written I just always had a problem with his costume and the artwork of his books. If you look at my avatar I think this guy from deviant art mase0ne did a a cool redesign of him. 

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@Augustus Freeman VI: I am in total agreement about the costume. For such a stellar black character. He should definitely have a bit more style (swag even) than this. The colors alone. <puke>

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I'd be down for a redesign of Icon especially if it's part of reintroducing him, but that doesn't mean I hate his current costume. I really liked the design of the cape cause it felt original to me, and I also really like the gold bands and the design of his gloves and boots.

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I liked the design they used on Young Justice:

Keep the color scheme, crossed-ring and large cape from the comics, gloves, & boot design (also from the comics).

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Even though this is an old topic, it's true. I want to do some reading on the character. The color scheme seems kind of generic and the design is just too over the top and silly looking. The young justice design looks much better but still kind of plain.

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