How Icon should be reintroduced

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Being built in the same archetype, Icon obviously has many face value similarities to Superman. Due to this, many may feel that he is too redundant to be in the same universe. Many who are ignorant of him simply write him off as a "Black Superman". Upon pondering, this creates a perfect challenge for a Geoff Johns-esque revamp!

Let the first arc be not so much an origin so much as a "response" to the first adventure of Icon and Rocket. Similar to how Johns' Aquaman run has addressed many of the ignorant assumptions on that character, an Icon mini or backup could help to due the same for Icon. Have the news refer to him as "the black Superman" of Dakota City, with reporters asking him if he is a member of Superman's race.

Though many Milestone books did not feature race as a prominent issue (as opposed to what many ignorant detractors believed), Icon was definitely a book that dealt with race issues, class warfare, conservatism, rising up out of the ghetto, minorities within minorities, and clashing ideologies. THE CONTROVERSY ALONE COULD SELL A BOOK, DC!!!! Namely the fact that not only would a comic book, a medium whose creators are usually more liberal, is coming from a more conservative standpoint, but the fact that it's a black character whose voice is saying these things. Icon himself could question why he has to be the "Black man's Superman" and what that truly means. If done well, it could easily elevate the book beyond just "big dumb punching" and into something great.

Another area that Icon desperately needs in terms of definition is a real rogues gallery. Though he had a few foes, Icon mainly fought other people's villains, such as Holocaust. Give him enemies! Have villains who just happen to want to fight Icon, have villains who may happen to be racist, have villains who are also black! The other black villains could either be gang member bang babies, or people who actually think that Icon isn't black enough (going back into the race issues).

Seriously, DC is sitting on a goldmine when to it comes to Icon and other characters.

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@jointron33: Dude, having Icon going through a situation similar to Aquaman sounds like a perfect idea! No screw it, all these ideas sound awesome, and I would love nothing more than see Holocaust be Icon's arch enemy.

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@black_claw: DC is sitting on a goldmine. I guess all that talk of diversity was bs

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@black_claw: DC is sitting on a goldmine. I guess all that talk of diversity was bs

Of course it was, why do you think they gave their minority characters awful creative teams for their on goings and pushed one minority to be among the big 7 only to make him the team bus?

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I have the entire Milestone collection its really sad that DC is just sitting on so many great characters.

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They only care about minorities if they're ghey. And Cyborg is just a warp flute from super Mario bros 3

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They only care about minorities if they're ghey. And Cyborg is just a warp flute from super Mario bros 3

Well when a milestone fan asked one of the higher ups at DC if they going to do anything interesting with other Milestone characters at a panel last year he said "Me and Geoff actually had a talk about that, stay tuned for 2013". There might be hope but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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@ms__omega: I still have faith that one day DC will see the potential waiting to be unleashed (and if they do, let's pray they won't get a tool like Scott McDaniel to be in charge).

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Im very interested in DC doing this. I love Milestone characters and their stories, and I want them near the forefront. I think Static is the Rosetta Stone, get him right, and it opens a brand new world of stories.

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@deaditegonzo: as long as they get a creative team that actually knows what the hell they're doing this time then sure.

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@black_claw: Christopher priest on writing, Sami basri on art

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@jointron33: can you think of some good villains to be a part of his rogues gallery other than Holocaust?

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Have it start off where there is a war within the cooperative and Icon is called to bring peace.

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Not gonna lie, I would love to see some kind of arc with Superman, Shazam, and Icon just duking it out for a bit. I think that could be a cool way to introduce him. Maybe he's bitter over being considered a "black Superman."

I just wanna see them duke it out.

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@jointron33: Judging off of how they handled Static, I'm all but convinced that DC is unable to handle any Milestone characters. But I would love to be proven wrong.

I do agree that a good starting point would be to develop his rouge gallery, and instead of just retelling his origin a better idea would be to acknowledge his time in Milestone's Dakota.

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