can someone fix his bio

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the powers part of his bio has way more powers than he actually does and "stronger than superman" "faster than flash" come on now...

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I agree. Strength-wise, he is on par with Superman, but nowhere near as fast as Flash. Plus, all of the telekinetic abilities are definitely new to me. I haven't read every issue, but in the one's I did he showed NO sign of any telekinetic powers.

Also, whoever thought the Termian race were in any shape or form similar to Kryptonians is full of it. Icon, a Termian, gets his enhanced superhuman abilities from his lifepod that augmented his physiology combining the attributes of both Human & Termian races, greatly enhancing both. His powers DO NOT COME FROM A YELLOW SUN.

That being said, his powers are clearly on Superman's level seeing as how each encounter has ended in a stalemate. Icon's Concussion Beam knocked Superman out for a few seconds, but Superman's Heat Vision forced Icon to retreat momentarily. Neither one was able to inflict serious damage to the other.

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Agreed, some other things that kinda bothered me is the origin section too. (I'll admit I just may be nitpicking)

'In the Dakotaverse, an alien craft had malfunctioned and fired an escape pod towards Earth containing a baby named Arnus.'

If I'm not mistaken, he wasn't turned into a baby until after his ship landed and reconstructed his DNA.

'Arnus grew up working with Miriam but discovered in adulthood that he had stopped aging and had superpowers.'

He actually discovered his superpowers while he was still a slave and used his abilities to secretly lighten the load for other slaves and help with the Underground Railroad. Slavery was abolished when he was 15.

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