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Born in England, noted European physicist Dr. Joar Mahkent traveled to America on a cruise liner to show his work on cryogenics. However, once his boat docked, spectators were shocked when the cruise liner became frozen solid in Gotham Harbor. Alan Scott went to investigate the ship and found Joar shot to death in his room. The first suspect was gangster Preston "Lanky" Leeds, a dangerous racketeer, who was traveling on the same boat as Joar. So when a costumed criminal named the Icicle appeared with a freeze ray gun that can instantly freeze the moisture in the air, Alan assumed Icicle was Lanky and that he had stolen Mahkent's invention. During a visit to Metropolis, Bruce Wayne and Thomas Elliot witnessed a fight between Alan Scott and Icicle when they were young. After many robberies, Icicle was finally caught and it was discovered that Icicle was really Joar. As it turns out, Joar had attacked and killed Lanky on the boat and then used his ray gun to make the dead body look like Joar's. Not wanting to be captured, the Icicle leapt 20 stories into a Gotham River, but was saved by Johnny Sorrow.

Icicle later became a member of Wizard’s 2nd Injustice Society of the World and he also became a founding member of the Crime Champions of Two Earths. Icicle met his death during the Crisis of Infinite Earths, when he and other villains attempted to invade Krona's laboratory. Icicle I has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

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