Why does everyone love "Bleach" so much?

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Really? this isn't a blog or a hate thread. I'm not that keen on Anime to go on Animevice.com (those fanboys would tear me apart) 
just never understood, sure it has a great soundtrack (opening themes, background music) and the characters are great ,maybe best of all, it balances humor and action extremely well. 
I have always felt it sort of drags out. Particularly the Soul Society story, theres also way too many filler episodes. Note: I started watching Bleach in 06/07, around when it came out. So the dubs on Cartoon Netork never effected me (I know thats a problem for Anime fans sometimes) 
I mean thers a lot of Animes I find superior "Cowboy Bebop", "Darker Than Black", "Soul Eater".  
I' just saying Bleach is a highly rated, really popular Anime. I would just like to know why so many people think it's great.
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I don't know what everybody else's reasons are going to be, but mine is that...I don't know actually, but there's something about it I connect with.

#3 Posted by cattlebattle (12672 posts) - - Show Bio
Thats usually evryones answer "I don't know, I just like it". I'ts cool and all It's a good show. I just don't think it's as great as people make it out to be
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Yeah same here. xD I love Bleach. I don't know why though. Must be Ichigo's hypnotic eyes...I mean Orihime's eyes!

#5 Posted by Alternaut (484 posts) - - Show Bio

People'll like what they like.

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I used to like it til Aizen became so ridiculous. Now i don't follow it anymore.

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I've seen a little bit on youtube, not sure if its for me but i might give it a try sometime. More of a Guyver and Heat Guy J fan myself.

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For me it was the mystery of what Shinigami were. How an eclectic group of people deveolped a strong bond and friendship. Then girl gets kidnapped, boy (with friends) save girl after overcaming his self doubt and realising his potential. The series had just about the right number of  characters that you cared about and see developed. There was a good mix of comedy, action and drama. 
Those were in the earlier days. But now it feel so diluted, continuously recycled with too many characters to think about,  that I've lost interest.

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1.  Filler is anime-only.  Read the manga.  Or google 'Bleach filler' and skip the relevant episodes. 
 2.  Movies are generally ok to good... despite being filler. 
 3.  Bleach is one of the "great" japanese mangas currently running.  Which means it has access to modern artistic tools (computers), as well as an engaging, long-term story (as opposed to, say, Dragonball's cycle - which is cute in its own way, but surely not the mark of good writing... at least not the mark of good writing other than Great Expectations-style "paid per word" writing. 
Long story short:  There are FEW "long-running" mangas/animes like Bleach - even fewer that appeal to american audiences (IE, relatively PG13, few japanese cultural references to make kids get all "sweatdrop", etc.)

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