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Proper Japanese Title: Kisu Shite Hoshii (キスしてほしい)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 027. "The First Step to Making A Dream Come True" (夢への第一歩 "Yume e no Dai Ippo")
  • Chapter 028. "Aya in My Room" (東城 IN MY ROOM "Tōjō In My Room")
  • Chapter 029. "Junpei Under Siege" (真中包囲網 "Manaka Hōi Mō")
  • Chapter 030. "The Film Trip Before the Storm" (嵐を呼ぶ撮影合宿 "Arashi o Yobu Satsuei Gasshuku")
  • Chapter 031. "Satsuki Boils Over!" (さつき沸騰中!! "Satsuki Futtō Chū!!")
  • Chapter 032. "I Just Wanted to Be Kissed" (キスしてほしい "Kisu Shite Hoshii")
  • Chapter 033. "Crying in the Rain"
  • Chapter 034. "Tsukasa's Wish" (つかさの望み "Tsukasa no Nozomi")
  • Chapter 035. "I Love You, Junpei" (打ち明けられた想い "Uchi Akerareta Omoi")
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