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Proper Japanese Title: Unmei no Kuranku In!? (運命のクランク·イン!?)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 018. "Thanks for the Memories" (思い出ください "Omoide Kudasai")
  • Chapter 019. "A Fateful Film Trip" (運命のクランク·イン!? "Unmei no Kuranku In!?")
  • Chapter 020. "Love Bloom at Diving Head" (恋の花咲くダイビングヘッド "Koi no Hanasaku Daibingu Heddo")
  • Chapter 021. "A Better Man than Manaka" (真中以上の男 "Manaka Ijō no Otoko")
  • Chapter 022. "Mishap at the Gym" (体育館倉庫の乱 "Taiikukan Sōko no Ran")
  • Chapter 023. "Why Don't You Decide?" (決めちゃえよ "Kimechae yo")
  • Chapter 024. "Is It Wrong to Love Her?" (好きで悪いか!? "Suki de Warui ka!?")
  • Chapter 025. "Determined Girl / Indecisive Boy" (走る女·迷う男 "Hashiru Onna, Mayou Otoko")
  • Chapter 026. "Reunion" (再会 "Saikai")







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