Will Iceman get his time to shine?

#1 Posted by LightningTiger2190 (113 posts) - - Show Bio

With recent reveal of which team Iceman is on , do you think he will get some much needed shine. He is obviously an omega level mutant , so he gets the "hard to write excuse". Despite that i think he would be one of the more fun to write and draw. He has a mouth like spiderman only he is not as confident in himself. Since he is on IMO the team most likely to be involved in all sorts of meaningful and meaningless fights , will writers do him justice?

#2 Posted by jordama (4701 posts) - - Show Bio

My guess no. H e will have  a couple panels dealing with how differnt it is now compared to the start, but besides fights, I still don't see him going to be used much.

#3 Posted by Green Flash (169 posts) - - Show Bio

He's solicited to be in both Wolverine and the X-Men and X-Men Legacy in January 2011. I'm guessing he'll get more time in Legacy and could have some nice character beats...

#4 Posted by WeaponX619 (84 posts) - - Show Bio

He just did in wolverine and the x-men #2

#5 Posted by Sir_Deadpool (491 posts) - - Show Bio

@LightningTiger2190: of course he will. im also an iceman fan and he ill get time to shine. the conversation betweenbobby and logan in watx #2 showed that they want to work on iceman's potential and of course your right he us an omega levek mutant so we this might be the series where we will get to know him as one. So the authors are making their thoughts about the DEVELOPMENT of our loved and much liked bobby drake aka iceman

#6 Posted by jrock85 (2882 posts) - - Show Bio

If he does it'll be in WATXM.

#7 Posted by Rabbitearsblog (6484 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine and the X-Men seems to give him more development, which is a good thing since he's a great character and it was a shame that they left him out of the X-books for all these years.

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