What Do You Think About... Bobby Drake's Sexuality?

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#51 Posted by John Valentine (16427 posts) - - Show Bio

@MyraMyraMyra said:

Honestly, I'm not getting any strong gay vibes from the way the character has been written thus far. He has a long history of hitting on women & failing at holding one. Not saying that a talented writer couldn't out him as a bisexual (or even as a sexually confused gay man), but so far he's seemed mostly straight to me.

I think that Iceman simply has gay appeal, even if he isn't actually gay himself. He is, after all, a young, fun, sexy & nearly nude male with no prominent female love interests, so I would imagine that he's the type of character who appeals to many gay readers.

Excellent points.

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@Vance Astro: That is, unfortunately, happening everywhere with new writers even admitting that they haven't really read much about the history.

: You're right, in every Marvel-verse he's either a ladies man or hung up on Polaris. The Ultimate version of him? He's just as bad as Johnny (Human Torch).

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