Blog Entry #2; Iceman and his amazing nipples

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So, I've been reading X-Men for as long as I've read comics (my first ever comic was X-Men #120 - who knew I'd become such a JP fan?)
Either way, I've been reading comics for about 16 years now (I started at age 10) and have worked my way through almost every X-team comic out there.
One that that's always struck me is how gender neutral Iceman is when iced up; I mean, yes, we all know he's male, but there is never any real concern of him not meeting the PG ratings.
Running around in skimpy Speedos is one thing, but as the females wear about as much fabric as he, proportionally, I see no issues with it - I think more of him as a perpetual swimmer. 

However, there is an issue of X-Men Unlimited (#9, released in August 2005) where we see an iced up Bobby with nipples. 

X-Men Unlimited vol 2 #9

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude. In fact, I found it rather interesting to see him iced up and showering (is it odd that I wonder if cold water gives him perky nipples? because those puppies in the second look are perkier than in the first one).
X-Men Unlimited vol 2 #9

So, the question really then becomes this: Why do we see nipples?
I think there are a few options available to answer this:
1- Artist Error 
Now, for whatever reason, it could simply happen that the artist forgot that when Bobby is in his ice form he has no need for nipples.

2 -Deliberate Choice by Artist
The artist could decide that since this is Unlimited and not Uncanny or X-Men proper, there could be some room to play. They may have been added as a form of Easter Egg type joke, and see if anyone was paying attention.
It may have been because the artist was pissed off at Marvel and was doing it to stick it to the admin, other artists, whatever.
it may have been an experiment. Include the high beams, see if there is a response from readers (positive, negative, neutral) and adjust the look in the other main titles from that point on.

3- Colourist's Error
X-Men Unlimited vol 2 #9
If we observe a third scan from this issue, we see bandages on Bobby's back. Now, this may be because Bobby should be human and not iced, because Iceman can reform himself at any time - Iceman never really bruises or stays cut. he uses his powers to patch the injuries.
I'm not really sure which of the three options I like better... they all present something interesting (to mind at least).
Perhaps, dear readers, you have other reasons why we get treated to iced male nipples? Maybe you even know the answers. Either way, this is my take on the matter. Feel free to take the concepts and run with them.
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I can't believe no one has commented on this yet!!!  THAT is an excellent observation and question...
Now, just to be clear.  He's NOT iced up in scan number 2 and 3 right?
Regarding the big question... I can think of no logical reason for the ice nipples except that all of his body tissues exert whatever force it is that causes water to freeze...
You've got me wondering something else...  When the X-Men first began, the only thing Bobby would wear while in his iceman form, was boots....  Sounds like a flasher doesn't it?   After a few years he would lose the boots and simple be covered entirely in ice (no nipples.)  And that's how I was used to seeing him...  So NOW, seeing him wear shorts seems rather odd...  Have things changed so that now he looks less like an ice version of Silver Surfer and more like an anatomically correct ice sculpture?

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@Timandm: He actually is iced up in all the images, as far as my understanding of the issue goes.
As for his original powers/depiction, he could only cover his skin and clothes with a layer of snow/ice. As the boots left some room between his skin and them, they were not covered by his powers, but his speedos were.
His powers developed so that he himself no turns to ice, so the clothes are just a thing for this issue, I think.
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@SpaztikOne: So.. he has bandages on his ice armor?  Okay, that's odd...  The issue has him with ice nipples and bandages over ice...  Yeah, something's not quite kosher in mudville...
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He has a need for nipples when in human form?

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@Timandm: well, yeah. but then again, it's comicsville.... nothing makes sense
@Jotham: Of course, the same need every male has for them: erogenous zones. Besides, have you ever seen a topless man without nipples? THAT would be wierd
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@SpaztikOne: I stand corrected, although I suppose you could debate whether anyone really NEEDS erogenous zones.
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@Jotham said:
@SpaztikOne: I stand corrected, although I suppose you could debate whether anyone really NEEDS erogenous zones.
What would life be without erogenous zones?
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@SpaztikOne: Too true... 
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Lol I love the title of this thread

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