Bad Luck in Love Life

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Poor Bobby. He don't have much good luck with love:(. Too bad cause he's super sweet! A bit childish but still sweet. Polaris had a few good moments but once again goes back to Havok. Annie also dumped him for Havok. Mystique only used him. And I can't remember but I all I do remember is any other girl he gets it doesn't last long. Awww:(, anyone wonder if our Bobby will ever find love?

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I think its funnier this way cuz then people can keep assuming he's gay.
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he doesn't need love, he's single to mingle lol 
i havent liked any of the pairings he's been in... Mystique, Darkstar, Polaris, etc... none of them were really good... Lorna would probably be my favorite, but I like her with Alex.

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Iceman Love Insterests.


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