A new way for iceman to use his powers

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Well, I was reading last night about chemistry and came upon a section in the book on Bose–Einstein condensate (or BEC). This basically happens when atoms get so cold (0.00001 degrees above absolute zero), they collapse on eachother to form a superatom of sorts. Something tells me that if you managed to do this to a person without killing them from cold first, it would wreak havoc on your bodies chemical processes because of these things' size. No one knows but I'd speculate your bodies appearance possibly to change too.

*Footnote, BEC acts just like the atoms it's made of in chemical processes, however I'm proposing that the size of your 'atoms' would make some chemical processes in your body possible.

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Ice man has shown that he can make ice clones right now, also iceman shown he can turn people into water called molecular conversion to teleport he then turns them back again. so why not do the same to his clones convert them from being ice to flesh an mentally control them to go on missions for him while he plays games. if he ever gets old he just create a ice body that looks like younger then invert that too flesh then transfer is conscious to the new body he be young forever.

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@Silavite: That is interesting. Just from what you have put i would think this basically means Iceman could change to ice, grow into an enormous size then cool himself down to the necessary temperature shrinking back down but with the same amount of mass as the larger form essentially making him normal size yet very very very strong and impenetrable. He couldn't be touched either bc i would think someone touching him would freeze instantly.

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iceman could sling people around like telekinetic by controling the water in there bodies. he could manipulate the water with in him to enhance his strength while in normal form. he could pressurized water to the point it cuts through steel.

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i wander if iceman can use his power to do a h bomb or a atomic bomb he has with chemical actions before.

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i guess that could be a possibility if he can put enough pressure on a single hydrogen atom in the water

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