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"Instant Karma!"

Brought before a judge and encourage to keep up the good work Iceman gets one over on the pestering policeman who had semingly nothing better to do then harass him ever since returning for his fathers retirement party last issue.

Upon leaving the courthouse in search of his attractive neighbor Bobby Drake accidentally kick starts a time machine he discovered in the ruble left from his fight with The Idiot and White Light. Hurtling through time he arrives in the past only to be injured by a policeman who is startled by his transformation. After passing out he luckily is discovered by two kind and thoughtful teenagers who somehow feel connected to Bobby.

After talking a bit the familiarity becomes apparent when Bobby realizes he is in the care of his parents one year before they are to be married. After a short time a battle breaks out and Bobby's Father is, what is presumed to be, mortally injured.

Will Iceman be able to save his father, thus secure his existence? Will someone come to his aid, or will he simply cease to be.................?

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