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The Ice Cometh 

Bobby has traveled to Hong Kong and is at the airport where he is targeted by mutant hunters, in the process of being attacked he rescues what appears to be a young boy but is really some kind of gray skinned bio-mechanical being that manages to take a part of iceman’s ice off of his body. After this happens the fight immediately ends and both sides walk away while the weird human thing (these things are called Augmen, you will learn more about them later) scales a wall and disappears.

Bobby goes to Winterbrand Technologies to see his former girlfriend Opal Tanaka in order to find out about his son which he found out about in an anonymous e-mail. Opal claimes that she wasn’t the one who sent it to him and even added that she didn’t even mean for him to find out about his son, Robert Tanaka.

Robert is still very young and is suffering from a unique condition because his genome sequences weren’t quite correct. Alain Weiss, the CEO of Winterbrand meets Bobby and explains his to him what condition Robert is in and also reveals that he was the one that sent the e-mail to him. The Augmen attack Bobby when he tries to contact Beast. During the fight Bobby falls into water and it begins to freeze around him and the Augmen retreat. It is revealed at the end of the comic that Opal is working side by side with Alain and knows about the Augmen.    

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