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Ice Princess is putting the freeze on Paladin.
Not too much is known about the origin of Ice Princess before joining Superia's Femizons. She is an attractive Eskimo woman that can speak the Innuit language and possibly a mutant with her abilities to create strong gusts of freezing wind, snow and ice. She is one of many female villains that join the Femizons where Superia plans to create a utopia where women rule the world and men become their slaves. The Femizons come into conflict with Captain America and Paladin and the two, male heroes are captured. Black Mamba, Asp and Diamondback would free Captain America and Paladin. Ice Princess along with Whiteout, Ferocia and Iron Maiden engage Diamondback, Asp and Paladin as they try to escape. The female villains are taken down and the heroes escape wearing their costumes.


Ice Princess was created by Mark Gruenwald and Rik Levins in 1991 and first appeared in Captain America # 389.

Story Arcs

  • Fear Itself: The Home Front

The Ice Princess resurfaces with Wrangler in Manhattan where they are confronted by Speedball and two members of the Avengers Academy, Hazmat and Mettle. The video of their battle is streamlined on Two-In-One.Com where a debate takes place between Marcy Pearson and Trish Tilby about the young heroes and Speedball. Speedball orders Hazmat to melt anything the Ice Princess throws at them while Mettle engages with Wrangler. Ice Princess is taken down by a kick from Speedball and Mettle takes care of Wrangler. Both women are apprehended and placed inside temporary holding cells inside Infinite Avengers Mansion.

Powers & Abilities

Ice, ice baby!!

Ice Princess has the ability to create blizzard like gusts, snow and icicles. She can use the icicles as weapons or throw them at her enemies. The nature of her powers are unknown. Whether she is a mutant or her powers are based on magic or some type of freak accident remains to be seen.

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