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For country and honor !

Sigrid Nansen grew up in Norway, the daughter of a biochemistry specialist working with a group of scientists who were trying to duplicate the powers of Norway's legendary Ice-people. Sigrid felt her mother pressuring her to volunteer to be a possible test subject and would actually be accepted for the role. After a series of experiments she was given the ability to produce large amounts of ice-and snow, survive in severe cold temperatures, and change her appearance into a blue skinned meta-human. The Norwegian Government than developed the identity of Ice-Maiden and trained and outfitted her for field work. She would shortly later join the Global Guardians as her country's representative, and as Ice-Maiden would assist them on occasion.

Story Arc

When the Norwegian government would later discover the real Ice-people hidden location, one of their number, their princess Tora Olafsdotter, also joined the Global Guardians. Tora made Sigrid feel somewhat inadequate and uncomfortable with the second string feeling she had. Sigrid decided to quit the team and went back home to Norway broken spirited and threw herself into researching her meta-human powers. However when Tora, who was known as Ice, would later be killed by the Overmaster while a member of the Justice League of America, Sigrid revived the name of Ice-Maiden in honor of her. Having improved her ability to control her cold based powers and having found an inner peace with her issues, she joined Wonder Woman's open call to heroes as a member of the JLA for a brief time.

A hero reborn

She reconnected with her former teammate and opposite Fire, who when they were members of the Global Guardians was possibly her closest friend. Fire would demonstrate her own compounded issues due to the death of her best friend Ice and became overprotective of Sigrid. Sigrid decided to help Fire deal with those issues and confronted her dressed as Tora in her Ice outfit and a wig. Fire was shocked and angered by Sigrid's openness with her feelings and her attempt to make Fire deal with her regret over Ice's death. Alongside with it, Sigrid's coming out of the closet as bisexual left Fire confused by Sigrid's feelings for her. Sigrid became close friends with Atom-Smasher, calling himself Nuklon at the time, and a credible team player as a Justice Leaguer. When the teams roster changed she returned to Norway and would be active with the Global Guardians for a short time.

When the Crimson Fox decided to attempt for the second time a Justice League International she asked Ice-Maiden to join up and Sigrid accepted. Unbeknown to the Crimson Fox Ice-Maiden had been sent on a wild goose chase of a mission by the villain known as the Mist II. The Mist II would than alter her appearance and masquerade as Ice-Maiden, successfully deceiving the rest of the team and killing all the other members one by one on their first and last mission. Ice-Maiden would later be seen at times assisting her former allies in both the Justice League and the Global Guardians, and joined Wonder Woman's forces again to assist against Circe.

Stolen dreams,stolen skin.

The unfortunate fate of Ice-Maiden is yet to be seen in the D.C Universe. In recent panels of the Justice Society, Sigrid would be a captive of Deadly Winter who had her perfectly unwrinkled skin flayed and transplanted of her body. At this time Sigrid is in a vat of special nutrient rich solvents to halt her shock ridden body from freezing itself solid. There is a fair possibility that she will make a complete and successful recovery of her skin growth, this however is yet to be seen.


Ice queen in control

Originally Ice-Maiden could lower the temperature of her surroundings to a limited degree, thereby creating ice and snow in varying degrees. She has since gained the ability to turn larger surroundings into colder temperatures, and gained longer control over it. She can also freeze the moisture in the air and can create objects such as slides, shields, ladders, projectiles, and various objects depending on the moisture in the air and her own imagination. She can form ice on different parts of her body and in this ice covered form, she can augment her strength and stamina. She has demonstrated the ability to animate small ice forms by creating figures and through rapid freezing and unfreezing of their structure, and thus creating movement. These figures do not gain intelligence, and she is still in the developmental stage of this ability as it requires much concentration.

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