Was Jay in House of M?

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I don't remember him being in the New X-Men series of the AU, but he may have been in another title. Does anyone know?    
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Huh. That sucks. Thanks. 
Were any of the Guthries?
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@pixie_child said:
"@xerox-kitty: Huh. That sucks. Thanks.   Were any of the Guthries? "

No that i think about it, i can't remeber any guthries, maybe it was a world without them?
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Maybe. That's what I was wondering.
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HoM seemed to be a new world that granted people their greatest wishes.  Everyone, except for those few who knew that wasn't how reality was meant to be.  So I imagine that Jay would still be Josh.  Powerless & dating the love of his life.  After that... what would the other Guthries wish for?

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Well i remember Jeb wanting to be like Sam and the others who joined the x-men, don't know what he would want without them joining. Husk would have wanted to go to a school and get degrees that seperated her from her southern roots, probably computer science. Cannonball maybe went with Cheney(was that her name?) and didn't lead a super life. Melody probably stayed with the family. Jay would have stayed a muscian but i wonder what would have happend to Julia, as a human would she have been in a situation to have meet Jay.

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That's what I'm thinking. 
-I went over my House of M TPB, because it had an exerpt from the tabloid-style seies (damned if I can remember what it's called right now. The Planet or something?), and it mentiones a lot of character like that who became stars (Mary Jane, Dazzler), explaining what they were doing without having to devote a lot of time/space to them, but none of the Guthries were in it as far as I could find.

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