carnivalofsins00's I, Vampire #3 - Numb review

I, Vampire #3 Review

Joshua Hale Fialkov does vampires right. This isn't Twilight or True Blood or not even American Vampire, and that's why I'm so attracted to this book. It feels brand new.

With this issue, Fialkov slows things down a bit. We're introduced to a friend of Andrew's and the issue is seen mostly through his eyes. After two issues of exploring Andrew and Mary's relationship, I still wanted to see more and this issue doesn't really go into that at all. However, once I got over that I got into it a bit more. Here we are introduced to a couple more interesting characters who seem to be pretty playing a pretty important part.

As for the story itself, we are starting to see some of the world of I, Vampire reaching over to DC's capes and tights. The gang is headed to Gotham City and, to me, that fits right in without having it feel forced. The entirety of what this book is is right up Fialkov's alley and I trust the man will put out the best work he possibly can.

Andrea Sorrentino's art is is amazing, again. From a 36 panel page where every single face looks different, to the book's splash pages, the use of color and shadow makes it look like nothing else on the stands. There were small hiccups when it came to certain faces, but that is minuscule when you have page upon page of beautiful art.

While this is a much slower issue than the last two, it builds up for what looks to be more bloodshed in the next. As cool as it may seem, I was a bit nervous to have this book really mixing it up with conventional superheroes. I didnt want it to feel forced, these characters feel real and doing that the wrong way could potentially throw all of that out the window. I really hope that Fialkov and Sorrentino plan on staying on this book for a while.

Story: 4

Art: 4


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