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Thomas Ludlow Dalt was the youngest son of Tom Ludlow Hallaway, the original Alias the Spider. After death of Tom his another son, Lucas, took the mantle of Alias the Spider. However, his career of super-villain was short-lived, because Thomas killed him of envy and became the next person to carry on this mantle. Shortly after this incident he was contacted by mysterious men who paid him big sum of money and sent him to Slaughter Swamp to kill a "very special target" - Seven Unknown Men. Unbeknownst to him, those who hired him were no other than these Seven Unknown Men and this trap was the part of their plan to save our universe from the upcoming danger of the Sheeda. They greatly augmented his powers, giving him new equipment (way cool than previous one), black helicopter and "perfect aim". His personality drastically changed too. Then he joined the newest incarnation of Seven Soldiers of Victory, gathered by Greg Saunders, but the fate of team was sorrowful - they were all killed by forces of the Sheeda. However, his story didn't end here: he was resurrected and brainwashed into their agent. His first mission was to kill Don Vincenzo and he almost succeeded in it, using poisoned arrow that he shot straight to Vincenzo's heart from his helicopter from half a mile distance, but Don recovered using the Cauldron of Rebirth and Plenty. His next target was Alix Harrower, the superhero better known as Bulleteer. Though her skin was believed inpenetrable, Thomas found a way to kill her - diamond-tipped arrow fired at 270 miles per hour directly into her brain via the ear. His plan seemed to be flawless, but he failed again: he used jetpack to shoot her from outside through the window (she was in the building where superhero convention was going off at that time), but in the last moment Mind-Grabber Kid saved her and Spyder's arrow hit the chest of Big Thunder instead of Alix. Thomas, dismayed with his setback, is suddenly attended by the ghost of Greg Saunders, who seemingly shots him. However, turns out that the Sheeda forces made him immortal as Gloriana Tenebrae calls him "our undead Spyder". During final confrontation she sends her henchmen for him and when he arrives, she asks: "Did you find a spear?" (obviously, she's talking about Bulleteer since Greg named her "The Spear That Was Never Thrown"), but situation takes an unexpected turn: Spyder puts an arrow in her head and she falls to the ground from Castle Revolving where she's stuck by car driven by Bulleteer. "The spear thrown by mighty Aurakles, 42,000 years before... had finally found its mark".

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