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Party like its 1999...

When John Constantine has hosting a New Years party, Kyle Baker was trying to kill someone at Midnight... I love V2K.

 Premiss (from the back of the book)

  • The Good News is Muriel has decided to take Larry back. 
  • The Bad News is Larry's just swallowed a bottle of pills and he can't tell her about it, or she'll leave him again.
  • With a stomachful of poison, Larry must race across Manhattan to meet up with the only person who can save his life and keep his secret. But first he's got to get through a crowd of millions in Times Square --- and Muriel's Murderous Ex-Boyfriend.
 The crowd of people Kyle Baker's "people"
What can I tell you? (Now me from me)

 Kyle Baker is one of those minds where he just knows how to create a great story. I honesty had to check if "Pkenodekaprenamine" and "Toluoden" where real commercial drugs.  
  •  Pkenodekaprenamine is not real, but Phenoxybenzamine is a real drug.  I wonder if that was suppose to be Kyle's version of a real drug?
  • Toluoden is also fake... but I couldn't find any interesting similarities in that one.
This story is wacky and yet very thought provoking.  It is a story about life and death, love and loss and as well choices and consequences.  It is a very tightly written story mixed with pages of just panels and pages where there is enough text to tell you that is happening.  There are a lot of WTF moments and "did he really just do that?... that is awesome" moments all over this comic novella.  Kyle Baker's best strength is his comedic timing and this books is another example of Kyle Baker, being Kyle Baker.
I also enjoyed that Kyle Baker took the time time for the self indulgence he deserves. In his Time Square a lot of his own work he parodied and for lack of a better word "pimped" in this book.
 Time Square in Baker vision
I will not tell you if Larry lives or dies, that is not my job.  My job is to tell you this is a good book and you should do yourself a favor and check it out.
There is also a little joke page (64)  at the end, this is where Kyle jokes about how he makes his comics.  I did enjoy it because cause I except a little thing like that at the end of all his work.
 - Silkcuts
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