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I Am An Avenger Issue 1

 So I totally didn't want to buy this. I wanted to just take a glance at it, see if anything looked good in it and then read it online. Here's the problem though, I saw the stories, had to have it. I mean, Young Avengers, Iron Fist AND Squirrel Girl? How could I not? So, moving past how awesome that is, I decided to buy it and this is one of two surprisingly good books of the week, but when you have characters such as though, how could it not be awesome? 
The first story is a little Young Avengers story about the team trying to get into Avengers Mansion after getting an invite to come by. What drew me into this story was not only the characters, which probably would have done it on its own, but the team. Jim McCann, aka My new favorite writer (Thank you for Hawkeye and Mockingbird), and Chris Samnee, my new favorite artist (Thank you for Thor: Mighty Avenger). That they had Matt Wilson on colors was just icing and I didn't see this coming. While not my favorite story with the team or for Samnee's art, both are fantastic, it's a cute little diddy and they give spotlight to Speed for the most part, which is great. 
The second story focuses on Iron Fist and what drew me to this was well, Iron Fist. I mean, come on, he's awesome. That they got Duane Swierczynski, who actually wrote Iron Fist, is a great plus and I feel like this advances the Iron Fist story nicely and just gives us a needed update on Misty and Danny. The art isn't perfect by Jason Latour, but it's still pretty nice. A decent story that will probably only interest you if you like Iron Fist or Misty Knight. 
The third story is about Squirrel Girl going home by Alex Zalben and Tom Fowler. The story is only two pages and isn't meant to really do a ton but it's fun and simple and I must say, quite pretty. It has a nice retro feel to it, largely from Squirrel Girls design, and it's refreshing. 
The last story is by Chris Elippoulos and is about the Pet Avengers and their newest member. It reminds me of a story you'd see in Archie, one page, dialogue heavy, and the last panel has a funny little punch line. It's cute, goofy, and fun. 
Overall, this isn't a book you need. It's kind of cute and kind of serious and can act as a way of meeting new characters. It's really a series of character pieces but that doesn't mean it's good or bad. It is what it is. 4 out of 5. Surprisingly fun.    


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