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Famous across the human galaxy, the team members are selected on the basis of their hypernatural powers and the strength of their character, and serve for five-year terms. Since the Quantinuum has been around for a bit more than 100 years, the current team is the 21st team of Hypernaturals. Their headquarters is in San Diego on Earth.

When the 21st team disappeared in their inaugural mission on 28 Kosov, an emergency team was rapidly formed to investigate their disappearance. To discover the truth about their teammates, they are forced to cooperate with their greatest enemy, Sublime.

So far, these members of the 21 teams are known:

4th team (15-19 A.Q.)

7th team (30-34 A.Q.)

18th team (85-89 A.Q.)

19th team (90-94 A.Q.)

19th team

20th team (95-99 A.Q.)

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21st team - The Centennial Iteration (100 A.Q., disappeared)

21st team

21st team (100 A.Q., emergency team)

emergency 21st team

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