Questions about the new Hyperion ? (SPOILERS)

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So I have read the new Avengers issue (Whitch is awesome) but when Hickman was explains his origins I was bit confused. First what did he mean by two hyperions did he mean its one person with two sides to him? Second is this Hyperion a new one or is it the Hyperion from earth-712 ?

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He has two sides to him, it's a metaphor also he is a new Hyperion. 

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@Timandm: i think so hopefully cause NA issue 1 is actually prettey awesome.

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i thought the two hyperions talk meant the attitude and behavior he had in his old universe and how he wants to be in 616.

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@Timandm said

literally keeping two earths from colliding

Does this imply that he has something to do with what is going on in the new New Avengers?

That's what I took it to be, but I could be wrong. The entire issue was kind of ambiguous for my tastes.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: alright so he is a new hyperion and he hasnt got two personalites got it. this has been bugging me since i read the issue

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Thanks I:/

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@Z3RO180: Yeah, it looks like it could be interesting.... Which, I hate to admit cause I'm still pissed at Richards and Stark for Civil War and I'm pissed at Cap for A v X... I realize my anger should be directed at the writers but this is easier... But, it could be an excellent series... I'll just have to put my big boy pants on and suck it up...

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@Timandm Lol

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Sidenote I like these new versions of characters they've added to the Avengers. Hyperion and Smasher specially. I hate Captain Universe though, seems a bit Deus Ex Machina.

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@PrinceIMC same Hyperion is awesome and so is smasher. I'm interested in what the captain universes origins are though

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Captain Universe is plain for me, just standing there and narrating stuff =/. I like the new Hyperion, he reminds me of All Star Superman for some reason. I hope to see an arc concentrated on the three heavy hitters (Hulk, Thor and Hyperion) and see them slug it out over who's the man... TROLOLOL i'm not creative

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