HYDRA in the Captain America movie

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So I was looking at images of Captain America on the web and I saw these. It seems that HYDRA is confirmed for the Captain America movie. So tell me what you think of the images below.

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We've known Hydra was going to be in the movie for some time now. But that's the first time I've seen the image above. Like the Cap images posted earlier, I'll hold my judgment until I see it in the actual movie.

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I know but I never heard that it was confirmed but anyway I just thought the images were pretty interesting.
#4 Posted by Tank. (2052 posts) - - Show Bio

I want the bottom car.

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It is pretty snazzy. Not so sure about the first picture with the bikes though.
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Awww....I wanted the green jump suits, they're a classic :(
Maybe Bob, Agent of Hydra will make a cameo! xD

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These pics just scream Joe Johnston. It has that Rocketeer/Indiana Jones feel to it

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