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Hyathis was the queen of the planet Alstair in the Antares solar system. She was continually at war with the rulers of three other planets in the same solar system: Kanjar-Ro of Dhor, Kromm of Mosteel and Sayyar of Liarr. Each of the four rulers sought to become absolute master of the Antares solar system.

The four- way war was a continual stalemate until Kanjar-Ro forced the members of the Justice League to capture his three rivals. Hyathis was taken prisoner by Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but the JLA captured Kanjar-Ro as well and marooned the four war mongering rulers on a small planet.

During her captivity, Alstair overthrew Hyathis' government. Her followers fled and rescued her from the lonely planet, taking her to Thanagar where the people were suffering from the so-called "equalising plague." Hyathis and her scientists used their know-how to release the Thanagarians from this plague, but the price for this was that she was made absolute ruler of Thanagar. The submissive Thanagarians agreed to Hyathis' demands.

Hyathis then had Thanagar's police force trained as soldiers, and shortly afterwards, war broke out between Thanagar and Rann, which had been recently conquered by her old adversary, Kanjar-Ro. Hawkman and Hawkgirl eventually put an end to the war by thwarting Kanjar-Ro's attempt to assasinate Hyathis and capturing him. But knowing that Hawkman was out to overthrow her, Hyathis banished him from Thanagar.

Hyathis then began readying even more of Thanagar's forces for interstellar war, but Hawkman and Hawkgirl managed to thwart her planned invasion of Earth. Eventually Hawkman was able to return to Thanagar and with the help of Superman and Batman, overthrew Hyathis and liberated the people and the planet.

Her planet Alstair seems to be a jungle planet. She encountered Zauriel an agent of the Presence when the Helmet of Fate landed on her planet. Zauriel and Hyathis were able to quell a coup led by Okeontis. Zauriel would later leave with the Helmet of Fate.

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