The Whereabouts of Hush Post Flashpoint?

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I'm wondering whether or not Hush is Still Canon within the new52 because Edward Elliot appeared in nightwing issue 8 a few months ago. But If He Does Return what Book Would you most likely expect him to turn up in? My Guess would be Detective Comics or The Dark Knight.

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Nah I doubt It. After The Joker Story is wrapped up Snyder's gonna do a story with Riddler and the red hood gang and I would assume afterwords a Two Face Story.I highly doubt we would see Hush in the main title again for awhile.

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Since Snyder is doing his thing with riddler after Zero Year, I think Tomasi's the best choice to take on Hush. I would also like to see William Cobb, Lincoln March, and Simon Hurt return again.

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Hel probly return at some point but i dont see anytime soon he didnt even have a villains month issue

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